Mountain Bike Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

rating 4 5 Mountain Bike4.5

mountain bike sport game ic Mountain Bike

This is a great sports game. Drive your bike off-road and try not to crush. You need a great sense for balance or otherwise – it’s off with you head.

It is hard enough just to ride your mountain bike but you also have to watch out for your energy level and try not to push the bike to hard – cause if you do, you’re going to have to restart the level.

There is a variety of jumps and obstacles that will make you feel alive.

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mountain bike sport game Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike Game

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Ultimate Off Road Racing Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

rating 4 0 Ultimate Off Road Racing4.0

ultimate off road racing icon Ultimate Off Road Racing

Ultimate off Road Racing is an awesome sport game. You are driving an off road vehicle and your mission is to finish the race first without taking any shortcuts. However if you choose to take shortcuts you will be receive a 15 second penalty. Stay on the road and try to finish first.

In this game there are no levels to pass. Other cars are faster than you, so it is a real challenge to finish in first place. Drive several times, take your time, use a good strategy and win.A little advice: Do not push other cars around – that will just slow you down.

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ultimate off road racing Ultimate Off Road Racing

Great sport game

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Offroad Madness Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

rating 5 0 Offroad Madness5.0

offroad madness icon Offroad Madness

Off road Madness is an awesome arcade game. This game is similar to Dirt Bike 2. There are several terrains that you must complete if you want to unlock other terrains and cars.

When the game starts you can choose between Hammer H2, Land Cruiser, Audi Q7 and Cadillac Escalade. Every car has its own performance. Hammer is a heavy vehicle and it’s very hard to flip it, Land Cruiser is light weight and more alive, so you can do some tricks, but Land Cruiser flips easily.

You must cross the finish line before the time is up, but you can pick up some items (like clocks) and gain on time. The faster you finish the more points you get. But remember, try to pick up every clock item on your way.

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offroad madness Offroad Madness

Awesome arcade game

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Dune bashing – arcade game Friday, November 9th, 2007

rating 4 0 Dune bashing   arcade game4.0

dune bashing game icon Dune bashing   arcade game

Dune Basher is one of the most complicated games I have ever seen.

I am having quite a problem getting through level one of this game.

The aim of this arcade game is to finish all the stages within the time limit that you have been given.

Try not to be bothered by the time limit, the more demanding aspect of the Dune Basher is surviving. You will be challenged to maintain the balance of your basher while making your way through the dune. This looks much like those of road bikers on eurosport jumping on all kinds of obstacles.

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dune bashing arcade game Dune bashing   arcade game

Dune Bashing is some quality spent time

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Dune Buggy – great arcade game Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

rating 5 0 Dune Buggy   great arcade game5.0

dune buggy icon Dune Buggy   great arcade game

This is a fantastic game.Dune Buggy’s looks and feels are quite similar to the ones in Planet Racer, only better.

Drive the buggy through the dunes. You must enjoy the great jumps and flips that dune buggy performs. Pick up power ups to speed the buggy up, slow it down, make it bigger or smaller, you can even make it become the wheel itself. Real great psychics in this game.

Try to obtain the balance as much as you can, for it is one of your biggest problems.

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dune buggy game Dune Buggy   great arcade game

Dune Buggy

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