Vehicles 2 – Physics Game Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

rating 5 0 Vehicles 2 – Physics Game5,0

vehicles 2 thumb Vehicles 2 – Physics Game

Vehicles 2 is a funny physics-based puzzle game presented by Notdoppler. Very bad vehicles are causing chaos and destruction in your city. Use different vehicles to ram or blast them off the screen. Bump black cars and park all of your vehicles into proper parking spots for more points. The cars must be in parking spots long enough to get trough the checking.

Use only mouse to start and stop your cars. Press R to restart level or Spacebar to select special power. Touch red buttons to erase red bars and click on gray ones to make them disappear. Use heavy boxes and strings to your advantage. Fuel barrels will make a terrible damage to the whole level. Move police cars, fire engines and ambulances to the parking spots and push black vans off the screen. Use each vehicle’s unique power to complete all 40 levels! If you are really good make an effort to get a golden star for every level. When you are done with regular levels you can make your own with level editor.
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vehicles 2 Vehicles 2 – Physics Game

Vehicles 2

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Stick Em Up – Shooting Game Friday, November 23rd, 2012

rating 2 0 Stick Em Up – Shooting Game2,0

stick em up thumb Stick Em Up – Shooting Game

Stick Em Up i sa shooting stickman game where your only goal is to bring as much pain as you can to the little stickman with loads of weapons and you will get money for it to get even better weapons. The stickman can be hurt but cannot get killed so train your shooting skill on him freely. At your disposal will be 15 different weapons, 12 kinds of explosives and 7 types of other violent accessories. When you earn enough money you will be able to buy them all.

Use only your mouse to play this game. Once you buy a new weapon it will be equiped, but you will be still able to change weapon in to some old one from the bottom menu. At any time you can adjust background sounds and music level. Fire away!
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stick em up Stick Em Up – Shooting Game

Stick Em Up

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A&B Space Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

rating 5 0 A&B Space5,0

ab space thumb A&B Space

It’s a space combating game with a story line. Explore deep space, avoid enemies, fight your way trough, protect your fleet and mothership and escape with JUMP. You can build your own crafts with 271 parts in the game. Different bodies, wings, engines and guns. Collect yellow objects for money and red ones to restore your health. After a tough fight repair your ship.

Move using W, A, D and boost witgh Spacebar when the energy bar is full. Aim and shoot using mouse and left click. Use Q to change the mode of play. The craft follows the cursor and it auto aims. If you don’t know where to go just follow the cyan arrow. Whatch out for your health bar in red color. Keep your partners alive in battle or you will lose the battle. Go to shop and buy items and then make your ship in the factory. You can break ship apart and rebuild it the way you want. Begin your deep space adventure!
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ab space A&B Space

A&B Space

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Zombie Toss Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

rating 5 0 Zombie Toss5,0

zombie toss thumb Zombie Toss

There have been a zombie outbreak in your hometown and those nasty zombies is now everywhere! Luckily you, a well known boxer, managed to get your hold on one of them and now your job is to box this zombie off the building as hard and as far away as you can. Buy upgrades after each and every round and compete against other zombie kickers on how far away you can kick your zombie. There are 16 achievements for you to complete.

You will use only your left mouse click. Press button once to stop the angle bar, and second time to stop the power bar. There are four types of wings and three types of rockets that you can buy for your zombie. Activate the rocket with left click also. Buy better kicker for your best and longest shoots. Avoid dogs and pelicans, and use muscle guys, planes and fuel. Best of luck and make sure that those zombies never dare to return again!
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zombie toss Zombie Toss

Zombie Toss

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Splatters Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

rating 5 0 Splatters5,0

splatters thumb Splatters

Eliminate as many shapes as you can before they take you out! Defeated enemies leave behind a splatter that will strengthen other shapes of the same color that step on it, so you better cover the field with your own splatters! Gain experience and points by killing enemies and purchase upgrades to become more powerful. Buy splatter upgrades to cast colorful attacks that weaken enemies that step on it. Every time you level up, there are 2 new skill points that you can use.

Use W, S , A, D to move and mouse to point and shoot at various geometric shapes. Upgrade your weapon, health, speed and cash collecting ratio. You can manage your controls, quality, turn off and on music, enable auto-shoot and sounds. See how far you can make it and submit your score to the leaderboard!
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splatters Splatters


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