Crush the Castle Players Pack Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

rating 4 5 Crush the Castle Players Pack4.0

crush the castle game icon Crush the Castle Players Pack

This is another great destructive shooting game by armor games.

More lass the same thing as Crush the Castle but with more levels and more demanding castles to crush.

There are also medals given for great shooters. The gold medal is won if you crush the castle in one shot, the silver in the castle is crushed in 2 shots and you’re guessing what the bronze medal is given for, right?

Move along the map and destroy everything on your way by choosing the right type of stones for your catapult.

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crush the castle shooting game Crush the Castle Players Pack

Great Destructive Game

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Crush the Castle Thursday, June 25th, 2009

rating 5 0 Crush the Castle5.0

crush the castle icon Crush the Castle

Crush the castle is a great shooting game. It is similar to Ice castle Blaster game. Your King has given you an order to destroy every castle in the kingdom and crush any resistance. Your weapon is a catapult armed with stones.

There are 2 types of ammo. Stones and bombs. At the start you can use only stones, but as you progress you will get bigger stones and stone groups. Stone group are three stones that can be fired at once.

When you are near to the end of the game you will be able to crash castles with bombs or group bombs.

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crush the castle Crush the Castle

Great shooting game

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Penguin Catapult Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

rating 4 0 Penguin Catapult4.0

penguin catapult icon Penguin Catapult

Penguin Catapult is a great arcade game. You need to pass through levels and fight against bears. You also need to rescue the penguins that are captured. As you progress some of the bears will begin to wear helmets.

You will also have some power ups such as twins, rubber penguin, penguin on fire and ninja penguin. These power ups will help you in your war against the bears. There are 6 penguins that you need to catapult. If you catapult 4 penguins you will have just 4 penguins against bears. If you catapult all penguins, all of your penguins army will fight.

You can also click twice in a row and than you will have a chance to release your penguin where you want with more accuracy, but you will lose some of your power ups. Enjoy in this great game.

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penguin catapult Penguin Catapult

Great arcade game

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Ice Slide Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

rating 4 0 Ice Slide4.0

ice slide icon Ice Slide

Ice Slide is nice Christmas game. It is a really relaxing game for these cold winter days. There are three cute polar animals that you throw as far as you can.

You can throw a penguin, a walrus and a sea leopard. Try to catapult them in the right angle to achieve greater distance.

Press and hold left click, adjust angle and release, but be quick, because if you are holding your mouse too long the power of flying gets dramatically decreased. To avoid snow hazard use your left click.

That is it. Enjoy in this nice Christmas game.

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ice slide Ice Slide

Nice Christmas game

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Golf Drive Thursday, November 20th, 2008

rating 3 5 Golf Drive3.5

golf drive icon Golf Drive

Golf Drive is a little bit unusual arcade game. You are throwing balls by using a catapult. Then you drive the catapult to the ball and again you throw the ball until you put it in the hole. It is not easy to do this, because there are obstacles on your way.

When you put the ball in the hole, you are going on higher level with more obstacles and different terrains. Try to put the ball in the hole in minimal number of throws. There are even dinosaurs on the map.

Play Golf Drive

golf drive Golf Drive

Nice arcade game

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