Skullrun Saturday, January 19th, 2013

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skullrun thumb Skullrun

Skullrun is crazy skull full 3D Rhythm game in which you must navigate the skull trough platforms. Your goal is to cross the platforms and try to avoid falling off it. For every fall you will get lesser score. High scores are uploaded on the online list so you can compete with the rest of the world. There are three levels of difficulty for you to choose. Difference is in the spped of skull.

Use key arrows to control the skull. Get close to the ladder and the skull will automatically get on the bridge. The skull is moving in regular interval. Get to the red block at the end. Cross 9 different bridges and achieve the highscores!
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skullrun Skullrun


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3D Etch a Sketch Monday, January 7th, 2013

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3d sketch thumb 3D Etch a Sketch

Doodle, sketch your ideas or create amazing art in 3D. Save and open sketch option via text string. There is a gallery with some work that can give you an idea for your projects. You have a lot of info in your hud during the game and you can exam it in the instructions panel.

Use U for undo, to switch sketch mode press Spacebar, move and rotate camera with A, D, W, S, and move cursor using arrows, Shift and Control. You can customize the controls by clicking on the current key assignment and press desired key. When you are done, save sketch. You can start fresh (or continue) by opening a saved sketch. Be creative icon smile 3D Etch a Sketch
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3d sketch 3D Etch a Sketch

3D Etch a Sketch

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PeaKart Thursday, December 13th, 2012

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peakart thumb PeaKart

PeaKart is a colorful 3D car racing game. Try to beat your own personal record on the track. You have to complete 3 laps to finish the race. Watch out of the dirt and grass beside the road because it will slow you down. Do not fall in to the water. You will have to brake in the curves because your little car is really fast.

Use the arrow keys to control PercyPea and finish the race as fast you can. Compete against friends or strangers. Find best results on the online leaderboard and try to beat their shadows and times. Be a good driver and put your score online too. Safety first icon smile PeaKart
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peakart PeaKart


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Snow office Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

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snow office thumb Snow office

This is really simple and funny game. Go out in a snow with your work buddies and start a snow fight! There are two of them but you are more skilled so that’s fair. They are your friends but this is a little war, so don’t hesitate to hit them as hardest you can directly in the head icon smile Snow office

Use only your mouse to move around the battlefield and throw snowballs at them. Try to score as many points you can, and hold down the mouse button for a stronger throw. At the start you can change the colour of the background, but I don’t see the point icon smile Snow office
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snow office Snow office

Snow office

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Qube Thursday, March 15th, 2012

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qube thumb Qube

Think fast and make room for all this cubes falling from the sky fast! You can see the progress timer on the top of the screen, when this is filled up the blocks will fall. The blocks fill up the cube at the bottom of the screen. If three blocks are the same color and they settle together, they will pop leaving a space. After you get rid of certain amount of blocks you will move to the next level. Each level you will need to pop more blocks in less time. When you move from the front to the back of the Qube, the walls will fade in and out at the front to let you see the back of the Qube properly.

Colored blocks appear at the top of the screen. You can move the blocks clockwise and counter clockwise around the board using arrows or A and D. M is for mute and P for pausing the game. Drop the blocks by pressing Space or arrow down. You also get bomb blocks which explode taking out the row or column of blocks when they are matched. Don’t let the blocks fill up the columns, because if they reach the top you lose. You will see a warning block with a skull on it.
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qube Qube


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