Monkey Lander – great online arcade game February 2nd, 2007

Rating 4.04.0

Play Monkey Lander Online

Monkey Lander is a great cartoon style online arcade game.

As you already know bananas are essential in every monkey’s life, it is the same with this monkey only this is no ordinary monkey.

This is the Monkey inside a space shuttle trying to collect all the bananas that can be found and collected.

He will even go to North Pole (all dough I think that no bananas can be found there) and he will not stop until he eats all the bananas.

His space shuttle runs on coconut oil that can be found on some levels that demand a greater radius of movement. Beware and try to spend as little coconut oil as you can, for you will die if you spend all the oil.

You just need to collect the bananas because all other fruits are just bonuses (except for coconuts).

Remember to be gentle when you land this monkey

Play Monkey Lander Online

Play Monkey Lander Online

This is a great online arcade but only has 10 levels of difficulty.

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