Deep Freeze – online Christmas game

Deep freeze is absolutely new Christmas online game.
Santa Claus is back and this time hi is on a vengeance. He is moving on platforms and shooting his enemies with a water gun that makes them turn to ice.
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4 Responses to “ Deep Freeze – online Christmas game ”

  1. Liz Says:

    i need help, anyone know where to download this game? thanks.

  2. Sudoku Says:

    if you are into Sudoku you shall check out Kakuro which is a new puzzle game that’s getting popular lately 🙂

  3. nour Says:

    this is an excellent game !!! 🙂 plz make new games simillar ti it

  4. Anthony Says:

    i love this game!it so fun!i keep on losing cuz the aliens shoot thunder at me all the time.

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