Christmas Elf Game November 22nd, 2007


Christmas Elf Game

Games like this are all I have been begging to see in a Christmas game – some innovation.

You are a Christmas elf in a snowball fight with Rob Faller, Julie Disser, Jay Donaldsen, Charles Waterhouse… The aim is simple – defeat your snowball fight opponent.

There are three options in every move that you can make: make the snowball, throe or defend.

The most logic thing is that you have to make the snowball first in order to throw it, so this will be your first move for sure. Then you can choose to defend against your opponent’s throw, throw the snowball yourself or make new snowball so you can throw two (or more) in a row.

Regardless of which move you make (except making) you will be given a power up bonus if your move succeeds.

Great Christmas game thanks to Site Dynamic

Christmas Elf Game

Christmas Elf Game

Christmas Elf Game

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