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2d Knockout Thursday, April 29th, 2010

rating 3 0 2d Knockout3.0

2d knockout fighting game ic 2d Knockout

2d Knockout is a average fighting game, actually this is a boxing game.

Play it by using your mouse and try to land as many punches on your opponent as possible.

Once you have filled out the bar that represents your successful punches you can use the combo attack.

Try to beat the worlds best boxers on you road to become number 1.

I must admit – I really suck at this game.

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2d knockout boxing game 2d Knockout

Average Boxing Game

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BadaBoom Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

rating 3 5 BadaBoom3.5

badaboom logic game ic BadaBoom

BadaBoom is a logic game. All you need to do is just click on the 3 or more same color balls to burs them out. The larger the chain is the more points you will score.

As you are clicking the balls, the field tuns an mixes them up. If you clear the screen you gain some extra points.

At first this game may appear to be easy but that will surely change fast…

There are all kind of power ups in this logic game – give it a try

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badaboom logic game BadaBoom

BadaBoom – Logic Game

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Destruction Derby Friday, April 9th, 2010

rating 3 0 Destruction Derby3.0

destruction derby arcade game ic Destruction Derby

This is one of those destruction games. You are in a quest to eliminate everyone who gets in your way.

Crash other cars by hitting them and making damage until they explode.

You advantage is you car as it is a bit faster then other cars in this game – so you can catch up with your enemies and get away if they get in your tail.

You are getting to piss everyone of and they now want a piece of you – a nice turn around in this game are the bonus levels where you have to fist fight your pissed of enemies.

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destruction derby arcade game Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby – Crash their Cars

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Pizzaboy Thursday, April 8th, 2010

rating 3 5 Pizzaboy3.5

pizzaboy arcade game ic Pizzaboy

This game i a copy of the commodore classic game “paper boy” – If you ever played paper boy you will love this game.

Deliver the pizzas while driving a boat – not a standard approach but still…

You have to watch out for the other boats and gondolas.

There is also a time limit that expands with every delivery that you make.

Try not to notice the annoying music and the pizza addicts – this could be the toughest challenge in this game.

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pizzaboy arcade game Pizzaboy

Pizzaboy – Arcade Game

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Mobs Down Friday, April 2nd, 2010

rating 3 0 Mobs Down3.0

mobs down fighting game ic Mobs Down

At first I thought that this is a great fighting game, but no – it’s not. Somebody gave more detail to how the game’s surroundings look then the actual in game fighting.

The lead character looks and kicks like a plastic bag.

One thing this game is – it is hard. I’ve played it on medium difficulty and I had to avoid fighting two or more enemies at once. Just run and place one or two kicks at the same time.

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mobs down fighting game Mobs Down

An average fighting game

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